Trip nach Genua

Ein Kultur & Kulinarik Trip in die Mystische Stadt Genua
Um diese Stadt besser zu verstehen, lohnt sich folgender Artikel von Michael Frank in der NY Times zu lesen:

“Attracted by the city’s unfolding mysteries, unwavering authenticity, distinct language and food, sardonic worldview and its ferocious past, I have prowled its streets for more than 15 years now, wondering the whole time why there are so few others doing the same.

Nun wir werden nun 3 Tage Zeit haben, das Lebensgefühl dieser sehr authentischen Stadt zu erfahren.

“Genoa is not Florence, Rome or Venice. There is no predigested list of must-see attractions or must-do activities, no romantic watery lagoons, no birth of the Renaissance to chase after. Its tourist infrastructure might be summed up as less is more. The city invites — in fact, it requires — you to have your own experience. And it repays the effort. “Once Genoa gets inside of you, it cannot be purged,” Mr. Wolfson said. “Genoa has a heart and soul like no other.”

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